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Number 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals pledges to ensure clean water and sanitation for all. end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promoteĀ  sustainable agriculture.

One in three people around the world lives without sanitation. This causes unnecessary disease, especially in countries and communities already suffering from malnutrition. Access to clean drinking water has improved dramatically within recent years, however, lack of sanitation is hindering further progress.

Why it matters

If we can provide affordable equipment and education in hygiene practises, we can stop the senseless suffering and losses to life caused by poor sanitation. If we can do this then we can also ensure that by 2030, we can achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. A world with clean water and good sanitation are not only a basic human right, but can transform our economies, health, education and social development. Clean water and sanitation are therefore key pieces in helping us to build a more productive future where everyone can flourish.

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